Spring 2018 

14-Jan Level 1 Referee Course New Orleans
20-Jan Battleship @ Pensacola
Okaloosa @ Montgomery
Level 1 Referee Course Memphis
Jesuit @ Babaas (U19)
Christian Bros @ Br. Martin (U19)
Baton Rouge @ St Pauls (U19)
21-Jan Christian Bros @ Hjurricanes (U19)
27-Jan Charleston @ Birmingham
UF @ FSU (W)
Jesuit @ Katy (U19)
St Pauls @ Br. Martin (U19)
Hurricanes @ Katy (U19)
3-Feb Milwaukee @ New Orleans
Montgomery @ Battleship
Pensacola @ Okaloosa
Mardi Gras Tnmnt (W)
Hurricanes @ Br. Martin (U19)
Baton Rouge @ Jesuit (U19)
Babaas @ St Pauls (U19)
10-Feb USF @ FSU
Jesuit @ St Pauls (U19)
17-Feb Baton Rouge @ Birmingham
Montgomery @ Okaloosa
Germantown @ Br. Martin (U19)
Germantown @ Jesuit (U19)
18-Feb Germantown @ Babaas (U19)
Germantown B @ Baton Rouge (U19)
24-Feb Baton Rouge @ New Orleans
Okaloosa @ Battleship
Huntsville @ Gadsden
Br. Martin @ Babaas (U19)
3-Mar New Orleans @ Birmingham
Baton Rouge @ Memphis
Pensacola @ Battleship
St Pauls @ Hurricanes (U19)
Jesuit Dallas @ Jesuit (U19)
10-Mar New Orleans @ Baton Rouge
Memphis @ Birmingham
Br. Martin @ Baton Rouge (U19)
Hurricanes @ Babaas (U19)
15-Mar (Thursday) UNT @ ULL
17-Mar Tulane 7’s
Pensacola @ Montgomery
Chattanooga @ Gadsden
Germantown @ Brother Martin
Baton Rouge @ Babaas (U19)
18-Feb Germantown @ Jesuit
24-Mar Memphis @ New Orleans
Birmingham @ Baton Rouge
Battleship @ Okaloosa
Jesuit @ Hurricanes (U19)
31-Mar Spring Hill 7’s Tournament
7-Apr Birmingham @ New Orleans
Montgomery @ Pensacola
Dry Gulch @ Jackson
Memphis @ Baton Rouge
Br. Martin @ Jesuit (U19)
Baton Rouge @ Hurricanes (U19)
14-Apr Nashville @ New Orleans
21-Apr True South Championships
28-Apr Festival Tnmnt @ ULL


2 thoughts on “Schedule
  1. I was a photographer at the NOLA Gold vs Capital Selects game and will have referee photographs to share.
    To whom do I send them?

    By ‘send’ I mean I will post the photos on a Google drive and give you a link which you click to pick them up.


    Colleen McCloskey

    1. Hi Colleen,

      This is Allen from the match. If you wouldn’t mind sending them to me, i will get them posted here and facebook. email:

      Do you have a facebook page i can tag to give you photo credit?


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